Saturday, March 6, 2010

3L Cola big challenge

The 8th cup at 8th day is tsill very good. The 9th cup isn't that good anymore. The last, or the 10th cup, is about the same. Anyway, it's much better than 4th cup turns flat.
Although I still have 1/3 bottle to go on the 3L bottle, the sixth cup after 6 days is still fizzing and full of bubbles.


I find out that there are already 3L soda/cola for sale already, here is photo. It makes the standard 2L bottle next to it looks slim.

I will start a big challenge on this 3L cola. I will pour one cup from it each day. And it will probably take more than 10 days to finish this big bottle. If my invention can't keep its fizz, I will be drinking all the flat, black, suger water at end. Scary! huh? Actually, the biggest problem for me is: I already had one cup and I don't like this band's flaver; still almost 3 liter to go. But I have confidence on my invention.

One thing for sure, they need my invention on this 3L bottle badly, I will submit my idea to them too.