Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SF Zoo day

Today we went to SF zoo, and few pics on her trike

Monday, July 28, 2008

My wife and daughter

In local mall, Elva in a rental cart which look like a fire engine.
And she likes Toy cars, she has a red Radio Flyer at home and a photo she will hate me for.

NY Times: LED bulb's time has come

NY Times has an article at here, it says LED bulb's time has come. Do you believe that? I do.
My invention has been picked by EE as Top 25 and they are going to help me commercialize it since they can't make it in their workshop. We did another video recording at pass Saturday at San Jose Teach museum. Lord, please help us to glory your name.

Monday, July 21, 2008

God is the greatest inventor

God is the greatest inventor of all. He invented us, didn’t he? Put that aside, I know all my inspiration comes from Him. For those who knows me, I am known as a Christian and having many ideas (a.k.a inventor). Maybe you don’t know that I pray for having good ideas. I, too, sometime wonder the ideas are come from myself or are godsend. I prayed to have that answer. I said: “ God, please stop giving me any idea, I want to see if I can come out any idea by myself.” For over a month, I can’t think of any good idea, all I have come out were craps. Then I pray: “God, I know that I can’t come out good idea by myself, please help me.” Strange enough, good ideas keep coming to me. I have done it more than once and God allowed me to know that for sure. Praise the Lord for He is great.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quit drink Coca

From McDonald's too sweet "sweet tea" to my self made lemonade. I found myself doesn't really need to drink cola or other soft drink in summer days. All I need is something cold, some cool flavor. Lemonade is perfect for the job. I haven't drink Coca for some time now. Last time I was drink it was having a piece of pizza..... (Yeah, that's still no match) I am just putting Coca next to my lemonade pitch for the photo. I started with lemon and sugar. Right now only Lemon; no sugar. And taste great when it's cold.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Byebye Teak

I just heard rumor that the company I work for is going to close down. We have nice product and good technology however in this economic down turn, we just can't raise enough funding to continue running it. The rumor is they are going to announce it tomorrow. Here I post two pictures to remember it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Elva's new photo

She has learned to click in her safety belts of her highchair, stroller... Luckily she doesn't know how to open them yet. She did that couple of times and wait for applause from us. I think she is smart but just don't know how to speak yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Radiant Barrier

in response with one of article 10 Great Ideas To Bring Down Your Summer Bill I will write some of my experience.

Couple years ago, we installed metal roof tiles since our wood was chewed through by squirrels and leaked. The contractor told us that this roof will bring our home cooler. He was lying, it's a lot cooler. I figured that's equivalent to number 2 idea Radiant Barrier Paint Spray but only better. You think that is going to be ugly? No, not at all, most people won't be able to tell that's a metal roof we have. see picture. Plus, I got 80 years warranty on that roof, our house will be down before our roof.

Our another heat source was our west facing front doors as show in both pictures. As you can see, I had put covers on them but at summer afternoon, that door still feel like a burning stove from inside when we walk by. Then I applied kitchen foils behind the cover blankets, as this one. And did you notice the glass panels behind those bamboo curtains? Yeah, also kitchen foils behind them. (see June 21st message for photos)

Now the problem is gone and I don't feel a thing. Yesterday we had 90s and my wife told me our neighbors had crank on AC since 3pm but she only turn it on after 5pm at 87F and turn it off around 7 while our neighbor run theirs till 9 or even 10PM.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have came out an idea for spencer's product search

Edison Nation is having a Spencer's product search. This is an interesting search. I am in the process submitting one idea. I am holding it as long as I can since once you pay the fee, you can change it any more.

When they started the search, I went visit their website and one of their local store. I was surprised by what they are selling. And there is one thing special about this search. At target user group field, you can specify user's age group, the biggest number is 25 and over. Once over that group, they call it "over the hill" I am 43 so It's safe to say I am over the hill. Besides I am from a different culture. Needless to say, it's hard for me to come out an idea that hits.

Yet never to give up, I took liberty to observe our youngsters on my light rail ride. Almost everyone of them listen to MP3 music( I listen to radio), Or on cell phone texting.... But the dress code is very different...

Finally I came out a great idea. I can't tell you here since here is a public forum; but it's great and I did patent check and come out clean (I was surprised). It should have no problem to apply a design patent for it.
Hope this time I will get a better experience than my online EE entry.