Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beat that summer heat

The first photo shows our front wooden doors, which facing west. At summer afternoon, even walk behind them you can feel that sizzling heat. You can see that I did everything I can to stop the heat: hand small blankets on doors. Put fake planets in front of them. And you can see two side glass windows aren’t helping either. I had put foam board in window screen and curtain behind them, but nothing really works. Every time I walk by those doors, I know whether sun is shine on those doors and where.

That’s until recently. Right before this summer, I learned radiation heat wave can penetrate roof plywood and send heat into house. Those boards can stop visible light but not radiation heat wave. But a thin metal foil can. That’s right. Even the thin kitchen foil can. So I apply thin foil behind any possible place I can. See photo two. That’s funny, The thick wooden board can't stop the heat; but thin foil can. I stopped heat completely. I beat that summer heat.

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