Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to work

I get at least one new job offer already (praise the Lord) and I am going back to work, but I am not giving up inventing.
I call what I would like to be doing: “sustainable inventing.”
I just like to invent new things which I do best and have little time or resource to slow down and develop ideas into real products, which involve manufacture, marketing …. I leave them to someone else.
I know by doing it this way, it would be hard to find people with same enthusiastic to be behind some of my ideas. But thanks to internet, this world has become flatter and this has just become a little bit easier. And if I can’t find people with same enthusiastic with me, that may be a good thing, means maybe I should recheck my idea. Nevertheless, don’t let one idea stop the others from coming.
I don’t mind that I have to keep a day job so I can keep inventing, at least it force me to get out of house and get more stimulations along the way.

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