Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What my family think

My parents have always believed in me; my in laws believed me until my inventions actually brought finical loses to my family, then they think inventing may not be the best path for me and their daughter. However they manage not to say anything strong to against it.
I had shown several ideas which I thought were good among our family members, some of them would say “The idea is great, but don’t spend any of your own money on it. Find someone to support you.” Well, I know that if you don’t support your own idea then no one will support it, yet I still appreciate the fact that didn’t say anything major negative about it. When they do say something negative I pay a lot of my attention to what they say. Then I either improve my idea or simply put them to back burner (a very slow back burner). I’ve learn only invest on my best horses.
Selected by Everyday Edison really mean a lot to me, I start to win back some lost support from within our family. My wife has started to introduce me as an inventor to her friends. It was like a family secret before. I am really happy and I praise the Lord.

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