Thursday, July 3, 2008

I have came out an idea for spencer's product search

Edison Nation is having a Spencer's product search. This is an interesting search. I am in the process submitting one idea. I am holding it as long as I can since once you pay the fee, you can change it any more.

When they started the search, I went visit their website and one of their local store. I was surprised by what they are selling. And there is one thing special about this search. At target user group field, you can specify user's age group, the biggest number is 25 and over. Once over that group, they call it "over the hill" I am 43 so It's safe to say I am over the hill. Besides I am from a different culture. Needless to say, it's hard for me to come out an idea that hits.

Yet never to give up, I took liberty to observe our youngsters on my light rail ride. Almost everyone of them listen to MP3 music( I listen to radio), Or on cell phone texting.... But the dress code is very different...

Finally I came out a great idea. I can't tell you here since here is a public forum; but it's great and I did patent check and come out clean (I was surprised). It should have no problem to apply a design patent for it.
Hope this time I will get a better experience than my online EE entry.

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