Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Radiant Barrier

in response with one of Inventorspor.com article 10 Great Ideas To Bring Down Your Summer Bill I will write some of my experience.

Couple years ago, we installed metal roof tiles since our wood was chewed through by squirrels and leaked. The contractor told us that this roof will bring our home cooler. He was lying, it's a lot cooler. I figured that's equivalent to number 2 idea Radiant Barrier Paint Spray but only better. You think that is going to be ugly? No, not at all, most people won't be able to tell that's a metal roof we have. see picture. Plus, I got 80 years warranty on that roof, our house will be down before our roof.

Our another heat source was our west facing front doors as show in both pictures. As you can see, I had put covers on them but at summer afternoon, that door still feel like a burning stove from inside when we walk by. Then I applied kitchen foils behind the cover blankets, as this one. And did you notice the glass panels behind those bamboo curtains? Yeah, also kitchen foils behind them. (see June 21st message for photos)

Now the problem is gone and I don't feel a thing. Yesterday we had 90s and my wife told me our neighbors had crank on AC since 3pm but she only turn it on after 5pm at 87F and turn it off around 7 while our neighbor run theirs till 9 or even 10PM.

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