Monday, July 21, 2008

God is the greatest inventor

God is the greatest inventor of all. He invented us, didn’t he? Put that aside, I know all my inspiration comes from Him. For those who knows me, I am known as a Christian and having many ideas (a.k.a inventor). Maybe you don’t know that I pray for having good ideas. I, too, sometime wonder the ideas are come from myself or are godsend. I prayed to have that answer. I said: “ God, please stop giving me any idea, I want to see if I can come out any idea by myself.” For over a month, I can’t think of any good idea, all I have come out were craps. Then I pray: “God, I know that I can’t come out good idea by myself, please help me.” Strange enough, good ideas keep coming to me. I have done it more than once and God allowed me to know that for sure. Praise the Lord for He is great.

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